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Recent Updates

  • Jun 10 Judy Hernandez and the students of AyO Christian School are celebrating 38 years of sharing God's Word to the lost of the Mam Indians in the mountains of Guatemala!
  • May 9 We, at Alfa y Omega for the past two years have had a dental outreach which we carry out three Saturdays a month. We invite people from our town to come on these Saturday mornings and do dental work on them free of charge.
  • Apr 2 We have reached a 956 student body. We are now the largest school in our area of the country. Parents, Christian and non, seek us out for the quality of education we are able to give their children.
  • Aug 2 It has been an amazing school year to say the least. We have seen the hand of God in so many lives of our children and their families.
  • Jun 10 It was amazing to help serve the people of Guatemala in their time of need after the eruption of the volcano Fugo. If you would like to know more info, please read my July newsletter.
  • May 30 Well I had a super time at the mission conferences which I attended in the Pensacola, FL. I was able to visit several churches who have supported our mission AyO Christian school for many years we have shared God’s word and educated the children.
  • Mar 23 We were so happy to receive our President of Globe International, Doug Gehman for a visit with us. Doug had never been up to the mountains of Guatemala to our village of San Juan Ostuncalco.
  • Feb 28 We have been very busy getting all set up with the classes and new teachers and new students, well just lots of new things. At the moment we are in the last part of installing our new kitchen area. It is a beautiful huge kitchen with 2 stoves!
  • Nov 9 We are advancing with the construction of the new classrooms and the bathrooms, and the stairwell that will lead up to the second floor classrooms. With God there are no impossibilities, and He can provide the funds from his abundant sources.
  • Sep 11 We love to share the Gospel & educate the mountain children from the highlands of Guatemala. Alfa y Omega Christian School is known throughout the mountains of northern Guatemala as a school, who for the past 35 years, has upheld Jesus Christ.
  • Aug 4 At the end of this school year, the first of October, we will start the construction of our new classrooms and bathrooms. Please read the August Newsletter on my Globe Member page for more information,
  • Jun 4 We have always celebrated our school’s anniversary on the date that my husband German Ubico went on ahead of us to be with our Lord, May of 1982. This year it was the 35th year. After his passing, I started the ministry Alfa y Omega Christian school.


Judy has worked in the mountains of Guatemala since the 1970s. Even through personal tragedy (the loss of her husband), she and her children have endured and flourished in missionary service. She founded and oversees a Christian school of 800 children. The ministry also includes a training program for village women, which helps them develop skills in computer and cosmetology.