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Recent Updates

  • Aug 1 We are so thankful to Friends along this trip for the meals, coffee and ice cream. The time spent praying for us, the encouraging words, the special blessings and the laughter! We so appreciate your friendship!
  • Jul 1 Thank you to all who support us and Kinrick Kids! Together, we are sharing the Gospel! Together, we are sharing the hope of Jesus and children are saying yes to faith in Jesus!
  • May 1 Exciting news!!! After teaching about the life of Jesus at Kinrick Kids, we asked again who would like to say YES to FAITH in JESUS and altogether 98% of all Kinrick Kids said YES!!!
  • Apr 18 We are finishing showing The Jesus Movie at Kinrick Kids. Taking only a chapter or two each week has helped them to learn, discover and apply the truths of the Bible to their lives.
  • Mar 7 We have continued to see God moving in a new and amazing way with the children during Kinrick Kids and children’s church! We are using the dvd, The Jesus Movie, to show chapters of the dvd each week.
  • May 29 Kinrick Kids have been learning about doing things God’s way and not being pulled in another direction. Our object lesson included tug-of-war and they kids thought it was just the funniest task of trying to pull me over.
  • Mar 21 Prayer time at Kinrick Kids has changed quite a bit over the last few years. Their faith has grown! The children are leading prayer time. They are praying for their family, friends, and YOU!
  • Feb 22 There are currently 120 children on our Kinrick Kids rosters. 86% of the children have said yes to JESUS! The past few weeks, they have learned how to share their faith in Jesus with others by using a color method of remembering the Good News message
  • Feb 1 This month we a going to teach 120 children how to share their faith in Jesus! They will receive a bracelet with the colors of the steps to knowing Jesus in a personal way. Please pray for us and for the kids as we venture to boldly share our faith!
  • Sep 27 great! Email us if you want to see more of these pictures! Overtoun House’s paperwork is now complete!!! Yeah!!! Next step…The Overtoun House directors are searching for a manager for the Grace Wing. Please be praying for them during this process.


Ryan and Christina grew up in southwest Wisconsin and met at vocational college in 1985. They have two children: Ryan who lives in Pensacola, Florida and Cassandra. Ryan, Chris and Cassy moved to Scotland in June 2004, to be a part of the team at Overtoun House. Currently, the Haneys provide a weekly Christian children’s outreach, Kinrick Kids, which meets in local primary schools and as an Overtoun Outreach. They also are involved in Overtoun ministries, Overtoun House Tea Room and at His Family Church in several ministries. Overtoun House will also provide short term housing for women in crisis, counseling and life training.