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Recent Updates

  • Aug 12 Please let us know if you’re interested in visiting the Holy Land with us. We would love for you to come along! Our next trip will be in April 2020.
  • Jun 17 On Monday, we finished sanding the walls of the apartment on which we were working, and we did a lot of painting. We finished last-minute touch-ups and cleaning on Tuesday morning. We had a lot of fun working on this apartment!
  • Apr 4 We returned back to Pensacola, Florida on February 24th. We went back to work for three days and then left for our next Israel trip on Thursday, February 28, 2019.
  • Feb 7 Our last trip to Israel in November 2018 was a special one; it was the first trip that both our daughters were able to go on with us. It was Hope’s first trip to Israel and Heather’s third.


In 2003 LaVoy “Johnny” and Pat Hall founded Halls to Israel Ministries and began leading short-term mission trips to Israel. They host work and humanitarian trips, while touring the country and offering the experience of Israeli culture. Trip participants also minister to those in need through servant evangelism. Each trip usually lasts two to three weeks each with 4 to 14 volunteers.

The ministry primarily works in the homes of single mothers and victims of terrorism by meeting practical needs like painting and maintenance work. The Halls partner with multiple like-minded ministries including Road to Zion Ministries, As.We.Go, Ot OoMofet, and Healthcare Believers Fellowship.

In 2008 Johnny and Pat launched a feeding program that provides temporary assistance in the form of food vouchers for needy Israeli families trying to get back on their feet. This outreach has proven to be an excellent way to not only help families in need, but also opened doors that provide countless ways for the L-rd to touch the hearts of many Israeli people. The ministry has been able to lead many Jewish believers to Christ and witness the L-rd by mending the hearts of His people. The Halls continue as volunteers today making their work trips and expanding their feeding program.

Johnny and Pat graduated from Liberty Bible College and were members of Liberty Church for 29 years serving in various ministerial positions. In 2001 they became members of Northridge Church where Johnny is currently employed full-time. Pat is employed full-time at a local retail pharmacy.  Johnny and Pat base their ministry operation in Pensacola, Florida. They have two daughters, Hope and Heather, and two grandsons from Hope: Dylan and Brody. Heather currently helps with Halls to Israel Ministries and has assisted on occasional work trips.

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