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Jacob and Dora have been serving the Lord since 2008 as a married couple, as associate pastors, working at the local church with Jacob’s parents Tino and Sara Gutierrez in Aguascalientes. They are involved with training other leaders, working with children in the Love in Action feeding program, involved in cell groups, collaborating with other city pastors in different outreach events, prayer meetings, and leadership training at city level. God has been good to them and is constantly blessing them in a mighty way as they see His hand on their lives.

Prior to the time of being married, Jacob has been involved in missions since he was 7 years old, when he first went to Mexico to live in 1988. At age 21 he felt God speaking to him about dedicating his life to the Lord’s service independently from his parents. He went to Pensacola in 2001 to study in BRSM (Brownsville Revival School of Ministry) and graduated in 2003. He decided to move back to Mexico in 2007, working with children, and in praise and worship. He met his wife that same year at the feeding program and they married in 2009. They continue to work in Mexico to establish God’s kingdom in the different areas of ministry that He has put before them. Jacob and Dora feel strongly towards ministering with young singles and young married couples, as they pursue their partner for life to do it in a godly way. Praise and Worship ministry, Childrens ministry, leadership training, pastoring and church planting will also be in the mix.