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David and Katie Czapala began understanding God’s heart for the nations with their first short term missions trip to Guatemala in 2007. This call only grew louder as they lead short term teams to Guatemala, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Through those trips and attending a Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class, they realized that God was calling them to move overseas to take the Gospel to the unreached people groups of the world.

During that time, they became involved with a missionary training school in the US. As a result, in June of 2015, they led a short term trip to Sydney, and have committed to be part of the team of the next campus in Sydney, Australia. With 48% of the population of Sydney from another country, they moved to Sydney in 2016 to work with the over 50 nationalities that call Sydney home.

Currently, they live in Western Sydney and work with surrounding churches and ministries to train Christians in sharing the Gospel in cross-cultural environments. They also lead short term exposure trips to the 10/40 window to continue to mobilize others to reach the unreached.


Recent Updates


So, while we have no news on our visa, our future missions trips, our visit to the US, or a whole list of other things, we’ve decided to thank God for those around us that God has placed in our lives to disciple. We have been a witness to God saving, maturing, and redeeming so many people in the last few years that we thought their stories would be a great highlight for the next little while.


We have added a second ESL class! This class is simply a Bible Study, with an emphasis on reading comprehension and pronunciation. It’s an exciting new step for the students. As most of the ones in our regular ESL class are not Christians, this class is a stepping stone to learn more about who Jesus is. Please be praying for this new venture.


And just like that… it’s 2020. It seems like 2019 was just a few minutes. Upon reflection, it wasn’t an easy year. We had a lot of struggles and a lot of just waiting. But even though the year seemed to be more difficult than what we had wanted, we never stopped feeling God’s presence.

JUL 30

Katie had the privilege of praying for a Vietnamese-Australian girl who was recently baptized in Sydney. No one in her family is a Christian or supportive of her decision, but she still seeks after God with all of her heart. Please pray for her!

JUN 19

Please continue to pray for our team. Each of us has such unique backgrounds, and probably very unique future paths that God has planned for us.

MAR 27

We have seen great growth in the numbers coming to our ESL class, so much so that we have closed the class to new students and now have a waiting list!

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