Johnny & Ivonne Cruz


SERVING IN: Honduras , Central America


Johnny Cruz has been involved in missions since 1982, when immediately after graduation from Bible college, he went to Spain. He ministered there for nine years – and also met and married Ivonne, the “lovely Honduran señorita” he met in Spain. In 1992, the Cruz family returned to Honduras and are now Latin America Directors of INSTE, a TEE program (theological education by extension) . Over 8,000 students are enrolled in the program in nineteen Latin American countries.


Recent Updates


We are gearing up for the Iberoamerican Influencers’ Summit next January. The plan is to have a videoconference every year featuring some of the world’s top Christian scholars and leaders and transmit it in all of Latin America and Spain. So far, we have three yeses, and two pretty close to yes.


In our last newsletter, we told about the need to launch the INSTE Bible training program on-line. Well, that is now a reality! We have started in Honduras, Argentina, and Ecuador, and are working on the second tier: Costa Rica, Spain, Peru, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Please pray for us. We still have bunches of work before us, including getting the Portuguese version ready. That’s enough work to keep us entertained a bit! We cannot be any more excited, this is a game-changer for the INSTE ministry.


We are expecting as a result of this pandemic that the whole world will have a hunger and thirst for God’s word like few times that we have experienced. That is right down our alley! And we are getting ready for it!


This was a different kind of trip. We met with our Latin American team in January to hammer out plans for our work. Two of those guys said they needed help with their marriages. These are highly effective leaders, but at times good leaders need help to repair the home-front. I was able to make space in my schedule to come on the last week of February. The counseling sessions were spectacular.


We’d appreciate your prayers. Johnny has more work than he has time to do it. But there is good news coming soon in this regard. Thanks for making all of this possible!

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