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Recent Updates

  • Mar 20 Finally! In the next few months we should be travelling to Puerto Rico and Paraguay to see what the Lord will do about setting up the INSTE program in these places.
  • May 28 After 27 years I am returning to Spain! The excitement of getting to see the people and churches we served in the Lord after so long is beyond description. And the best part is that I’ll be working with the INSTE National Director for Spain!
  • Jun 14 Since 1996, the Evangelical church in Honduras has grown from 12% of the population, to 41%, in 2013 (and it’s even larger now, closer to half of the population). We are seeing more church growth than many other countries in the world!
  • Jan 23 We are working in nineteen countries in Latin America, including two Caribbean islands. In two countries, Bolivia and Paraguay we do not have offices at this moment, but we do have students and the ministry continues to grow!


Johnny Cruz has been involved in missions since 1982, when immediately after graduation from Bible college, he went to Spain. He ministered there for nine years – and also met and married Ivonne, the “lovely Honduran señorita” he met in Spain. In 1992, the Cruz family returned to Honduras and are now Latin America Directors of INSTE, a TEE program (theological education by extension) . Over 8,000 students are enrolled in the program in nineteen Latin American countries.