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Recent Updates

  • Aug 22 Ann continues her bread ministry to the homeless on the streets, and the Red Box ministry comes to our home to pray before going to a plaza to preach the gospel.
  • Jun 20 Ann continues with her bread ministry. She is finding fewer people on the streets now as summer is upon us and those that can move to cooler climates.
  • May 14 The Red Box group continues meeting in our home on Wednesdays for prayer before going to the plaza to preach and minister one on one. We have continued to minister to the individuals God has put in our lives, which now includes a team of cardiologist
  • Dec 21 We had a quick but wonderful trip to Scotland in November. It was so good to see our friends there and to meet the new minister of Gilcomston Church.
  • Jun 29 We recently purchased 2,000 Bibles to be used for distribution in hospitals, prisons, etc. So few people here ever read the Bible and we pray that because of these Bibles that will be given free, more people will do so.
  • Oct 27 We are delighted that Jack’s latest book, "The Kind of Old Man I Want to Be", is available in the bookstore and on Amazon now!


Jack and Ann Chalk are second-career missionaries being called to the mission field in 1993. After six years in the mountains of northern Mexico they were directed by God to the war-torn country of Sierra Leone in West Africa. They spent the next six years at a Bible college and establishing a counseling center for women abused during the war. In 2006 they transitioned to Aberdeen, Scotland to begin a new era of evangelistic ministry. In answering God’s call, they moved to Córdoba, Spain in 2012 to begin a church planting ministry.

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