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Recent Updates

  • Nov 21 During October and November we will be celebrating over 20 baptisms in 3 different churches. It really is amazing to see the steady stream all year of people becoming disciples of Christ.
  • Jun 6 We had an outreach geared to youth. The youth in our town are highly vulnerable to getting involved with the drug cartels. We felt a burden to connect with them on their territory. We had a graffiti competition. Read our newsletter for more info!
  • Feb 21 We were blessed with the opportunity to hold the Kairos Course both in Monterrey and in Chiapas. God uses this course so powerfully. The testimonies amaze me every time and with your donations we are able to lower the cost for the Mexican nationals.


Since 2008, Jamie and Desirée Carr have been serving as missionaries to Mexico along with their four young children. Prior to fulfilling the call to move their family to Mexico, they faithfully served in various forms of ministry for more than a decade. Currently, the Carr’s are following God’s call to plant churches all throughout Mexico. Many of the areas they go into are heavily opposed to the message. As they minister to these hard to reach groups, they teach nationals to take leading roles in their communities so that the ministry may grow and strengthen long after they’ve introduced the Truth. The Carr’s have planted several churches and are excited about the many more to come. With a focus on the helpless and hopeless such as orphans, widows, and prostitutes, the ministry conducts mass tent crusades, ministers to young children in broken homes, assists with a Bible school, and passionately invests in relational ministry. With plans to one day open a children’s home and restore hope and purpose to the dejected and outcast, their vision is to see this often volatile and violent country radically transformed by the power of God. Despite all, Jamie and Desiree have committed their lives so that more may come to know an eternal life with Christ.