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Carmack, Jim & Tracy




Jim and Tracy Carmack, along with their 3 daughters, are called to “serve the underserved” in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

The country of El Salvador in Central America is roughly the same size as the state of Massachusetts, yet it has one of the highest murder rates in the world. It can be breathtakingly beautiful… and heartbreakingly sorrowful. Gangs, crime and corruption are common. Poverty is a way of life for many and opportunity is scarce. There is no government support system, no safety net; but one look in the eyes of the children and you are reminded of how much they matter.

The Carmacks are going with the mission to reach those in need, share the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ, and let the little ones know how much they do matter to God. They will be involved in several ministries, including the Hosanna School (elementary and middle), the Center for Hope (teaching life skills to children, youth, and adults), La Puerta Abierta Iglesia (The Open Door Church), and many surrounding neighborhoods.

“Just telling someone you love them can change a life,” says Tracy. “It’s something they may not ever hear or feel from their families. If we can tell one child, or one family, or one neighborhood that they are loved, then it’s worth going.”

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