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Recent Updates

  • Apr 16 It is time now to trust God with this Home for children without my physical presence. I am learning more every day about Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp! Things are moving along well. The Nicaraguan staff and leadership team have really stepped up.
  • Mar 18 Your participation, love, and support of these treasures, is making all the difference in our home and the lives of the children under our care.
  • Aug 1 Sandy and several missionaries who make up the US Support Team recently returned from a trip to our children’s home in Jinotega. They were delighted to also have one of our child sponsors, Chris and his daughter Elizabeth join them on the trip.
  • Apr 22 Our goal has always been to prepare each child in our home both spiritually and academically so they can take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. These young people and many others are making history in Nicaragua and the world!
  • Mar 11 The girls and I enjoyed a day out in the city with hamburgers and Pepsi. The girls devoured their lunch, and then spent the rest of the day playing at the park.
  • Jul 26 Everyone at the school is enjoying the flexible schedule, but remain constantly aware of the spiritual darkness hovering over their country. A battle wages in the Heavenlies, & daily prayer times are very important.
  • May 27 Thank you to all who have sent emergency funds to help purchase extra food and supplies in case they become scarce. We want to assure you that we are doing all we can to help the children, staff and daily operations to be as normal as possible.
  • Jan 24 For the first time ever we held our own talent show! On December 7, 2017 our amazing children showcased their gifts and abilities! Some friends from the neighborhood were invited and an “unbiased” team of three judges was appointed.
  • Nov 15 We now have a new Team House that offers the ability to host up to 26 team members! It also allows teams more freedom to stay up later at night without disturbing the children. There is more personal space, a full kitchen, and wifi!
  • Oct 25 We just posted a new video telling you more about Children of Destiny Nicaragua. You can View this video at
  • Oct 2 This month Children of Destiny celebrated, in typical Nicaraguan dress and food, a traditional 15th birthday party. Alondra and Leydi, are two of our young ladies who recently turned 15 years of age. See the full story in our October Newsletter!
  • Sep 9 We take the privilege of caring for these treasures very seriously. Our children’s home continues to be a flurry of daily activity, a light in the Jinotega community and a lifesaving oasis for the children God has placed in our care.


Sandy Britnell began her life career as a missionary at the age of 13, in the jungles of Columbia, South America. Sandy’s parents, along with she and her siblings, established a mission outpost to the interior native tribes of Colombia.

Sandy later served and ministered in Germany, Russia, and the United States, prior to moving with her family to Nicaragua in 1998. There they built a large orphanage in mountains of Jinotega, taking care of up to 60 Nicaraguan children at a time. In 2005 Sandy purchased 70 acres outside the capital city of Managua. Two years later she opened a second orphanage in Los Cedros, specifically to care for abandoned and abused babies.

Sandy now travels extensively raising funds for the further care of the children in Nicaragua, while simultaneously recruiting missionaries, volunteers and teams to help with the everyday ministry activities. Sandy serves as a member of the Globe International Leadership Team and as well as Globe’s Director of Humanitarian Aid.