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Recent Updates

  • Feb 23 Here at CODN it is our heart to be able to trek with our children through the next phase of their journey and into responsible adulthood and a dedicated lifetime of service to the Lord! For this reason we are planning on building a transition home!
  • Jan 20 One huge milestone for us this year was the purchase of Joy Pulisfer’s former home located right next door to the Orphanage. A generous donor sent us the funds to buy it, and then a church graciously gifted us the funds to beautifully remodel it!
  • Nov 15 In the mountains in Jinotega, the construction continues on the new team house as well as the remodeling of the boys & girls bathrooms. Anyone who have visited us in the past few months can understand how excited we are for both of these projects!
  • Sep 1 Los Cedros Update: Renovations are underway in Los Cedros. We have updated our electricity so that we now have a consistent level of power current. The brownouts had damaged several washing machines and other equipment, this is no longer a problem!


Sandy Britnell began her life career as a missionary at the age of 13, in the jungles of Columbia, South America. Sandy’s parents, along with she and her siblings, established a mission outpost to the interior native tribes of Colombia.

Sandy later served and ministered in Germany, Russia, and the United States, prior to moving with her family to Nicaragua in 1998. There they built a large orphanage in mountains of Jinotega, taking care of up to 60 Nicaraguan children at a time. In 2005 Sandy purchased 70 acres outside the capital city of Managua. Two years later she opened a second orphanage in Los Cedros, specifically to care for abandoned and abused babies.

Sandy now travels extensively raising funds for the further care of the children in Nicaragua, while simultaneously recruiting missionaries, volunteers and teams to help with the everyday ministry activities. Sandy serves as a member of the Globe International Leadership Team and as well as Globe’s Director of Humanitarian Aid.