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Armstrong, Danny & Judy



Recent Updates

  • Apr 18 We have two more weeks of classes until this year’s Perspectives course here at Globe will be finished. What a wonderful group we have this year! Our graduation/celebration will take place near the end of this month.
  • Mar 6 Candidate School went really well. Although there were fewer candidates than usual, we had some really good people here and several children were in attendance with their parents.
  • Feb 13 As I write this, we are in our fifth week of Perspectives class. We settled out with an enrollment of 43! That is our largest class ever here in Pensacola. It’s a good mix of young, old and in between with around 17 different churches represented.
  • Jan 12 Time really does fly when you are having fun! January 3 we began a new Perspectives class here at Globe. Currently, we have about 35 students registered. We are excited as we see these believers come together to learn more about the heart of God.
  • Oct 10 We are in Scotland with Globe lead team members, Doug & Beth Gehman, Greg & Ana Nemer, and Bob and Melissa Hill. In a few days we will all travel to Switzerland to meet with other leaders of the Globe Network. Privileged to serve with great folks!
  • Sep 14 A retired school teacher took the Perspectives class in 2016 and now is a committed World Changer. She’s not going to some faraway place but she’s constantly investing her time and energy in others to help them understand the story of Jesus Christ!


Danny & Judy Armstrong have been missionaries with Globe since 1986.  They spent their first years in Indonesia launching a Bible School to train church planters and church workers.  They then lived in Malaysia working with an International team of church planters in Southern Thailand.  During this time they partnered with others to launch the Center for Southeast Asian Studies in Thailand.  In 2000 Danny and Judy moved back to the US and have been focused on mobilizing and equipping churches and individuals to reach the unreached of the world.  In October 2011 they became part of the Globe leadership team and now serve as Directors for Training and Internships.