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2020 Globe International Candidate School Schedule

101 – March 16-20
201 – March 23-25

101 – September 14-18
201 – September 21-23

We appreciate your interest in Globe and are excited about your passion to advance the Gospel! As you take this next important step towards Christian service, we will be praying and walking with you. This application will help us get to know you better and assist us in considering your call to the field. We will ask some personal questions in this application. We are not trying to be “God’s policemen!” We simply want to get to know you and develop a sense of where you are in your journey towards Christian service and leadership. Your candid answers to each question, as well as the references you provide, will ease that process, and will be kept in strict confidence at Globe Headquarters.

Please be sure to include all requested information and documents. For married couples, an application and fee must be submitted for both husband and wife.