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Dear Friend:

We appreciate your interest in Globe and your passion to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations! As you take this next step, we will be praying and walking with you. This application will help us get to know you better! Your candid answers, and the references you provide, will speed the process! Everything will be kept in strict confidence. Married couples should submit an application for each person. Normally the process takes at least 6-8 weeks. After preliminary approval, we will contact you about Candidate School at Globe. Please contact our Staff or Leadership Team members at any time with questions or concerns. God bless you in your journey to the nations, and your partnership with the Globe Team!

Walking with you…

Doug Gehman
Doug Gehman

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Basic Requirements for Joining Globe

  1. Complete a Globe application (one per person).
  2. Complete the Perspectives course at Certificate level or above.
  3. Successfully complete Candidate School 101 and Candidate School 201.  For more details click “Start Application”.

Globe Membership Categories

Globe has five distinct categories for its members. Depending on your ministry experience and desired length of commitment, you will apply to become a member of Globe in one of these five categories.

Short Duration (SD)

A short intern experience, and a part of what we call “Exploring the Call.” SD Interns are “exploring” God’s calling on their lives, seeking to serve and make an impact while also giving thought and prayer about their future.  Read More

Full Experience (FX)

A longer-term intern experience. FX Interns will work under an experienced Globe leader (or other approved ministry or leader) for one to three years. Read More


A career-oriented assignment, and a part of what we call “Navigating the Call.” Commissioned personnel have had successful service experience and are now seriously considering a long-term commitment to ministry. Read More


For personnel with a proven track-record of field/ministry experience, and have been doing such work for at least three to five years. Career assignment personnel have the most autonomy in the Globe world. Read More


For members of the Luis Palau Association Next Generation Alliance (NGA). Must complete a Globe application, attend Candidate School, and meet Globe’s minimum training requirements (which corresponds to NGA training requirements). Read More