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Saint - I Am Very Important

I Am Very Important

by Evelyn Saint-Jimenez

I Am Very Important is a book for a child and an accompanying adult to share with one another. Working together, they will be able to connect with the child’s concerns and life experiences. It deals with several matters: The value of a person The respect for the body The respect for themselves The treatment of others The feelings of joy, anger and sorrow The capability to grow and learn The need to receive love The need to receive loving correction. Age target: 5 to 9 years old

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Koehler - Telling God's Stories With Power

Telling God’s Stories with Power

by Paul F. Koehler

This is a complete and practical introduction to storying, especially for people who want to learn about using biblical storytelling in cross-cultural contexts and who want to train others to become storytellers. It includes many fascinating accounts of the responses of tribal people to the first proclamation of the gospel through storytelling.

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Hatcher - Why God Thinks He Can Use Us

Why God Thinks He Can Use Us

by Glenn Hatcher

There is a cry for super-heroes to come and change the world! The great desire for super heroic intervention is everywhere! From comic books to TV shows to movies to video games-people want to see justice prevail. And people seem to know instinctively that justice will only triumph and that things will only be righted when common everyday people are endowed with supernatural strength and power! Why God Thinks He Can Use You explores God’s intention to use everyone all the time everywhere to advance His Kingdom and do good in the world. Each chapter unpacks how a supernatural interactive God invests Himself in His People to become change agents of hope in a beleaguered world.

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Gehman - White Picket Fences

White Picket Fences: A Mennonite Boy’s Global Adventures

by Doug Gehman

White Picket Fences follows the adventures of a Mennonite boy, from sheltered origins in eastern Pennsylvania’s Anabaptist community, to a career that takes his family around the world. Alternately hilarious and poignant, this engaging self-portrait immerses the reader in pervasive religious tradition, teenage rebellion, and devastating family tragedy. Set against the backdrop of world events, White Picket Fences travels through one hundred years of family history, from the early 1900s to the present day, a story as close to home as the Wright brothers’ first flight and as far away as the Vietnam War. White Picket Fences is an earthy, honest and sometimes excruciating account of Christian faith lived in the real world. In the end, one man’s journey and the family legacy that guided him helps us understand why people of faith hold so tenaciously to their values and why everyone yearns for its fruit: the intimacy of family and that place in our hearts we call home.

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Gehman - Go to the Ripe Fields First

Go to the Ripe Fields First!: Focusing Outreach on Receptive People

by Doug Gehman

This book is about harvest. The harvest metaphor in the New Testament originated with Jesus. He talked about harvest a lot, using illustrations from the agrarian culture of which he was a part. Seeds, soil, sunshine, rain, predators, weeds, harvests, and etc. became the analogies Jesus used to illustrate people’s hunger for God. In short, when it came to their response, Jesus said some people are “ripe” (i.e. open and receptive) and others are not (i.e. indifferent or even hostile). “Go to the Ripe Fields First!” develops and explores this harvest idea. Using examples of real “harvests” from around the world –China, Guatemala, India, Korea, Sri Lanka and more – where thousands, sometimes millions of people have given their allegiance to Jesus Christ, this book explores both the theology of harvest (what the Bible says about the subject) and the sociological implications (what causes people to become receptive or remain resistant to the Christian message). “Go to the Ripe Fields First!” explores the spiritual (prayer and witness) and the natural (war, racism, natural disasters, poverty) influences that lead people to become hungry for God, and makes a case for gracious but unapologetic focus on them.

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Gehman - The Treasure of the River Kwai

The Treasure of the River Kwai!

by Doug Gehman

While exploring a cave on Thailand’s Anthong Island Archipelago, David Carson and Kevin Merritt stumble upon a fifty-year-old secret that plunges them into an adventure of a lifetime. In their youthful quest for riches, David, Kevin, and the friends who join them on the adventure find lost treasure and encounter shadowy criminals with life threatening results! Along the way they also discover some important things about themselves. In the end, they learn that true wealth is not measured in the weight of gold, but in something even more valuable.

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Chalk - The Kind of Old Man

The Kind of Old Man I Want to Be: A paradigm for 65 and beyond

by Jack Chalk

If you are middle age and beyond, you need to think about the kind of old person you will be because you will be one before you know it. The time to start is now, well before you reach 65 years of age. If you are already 65 or over it is not too late to change. Every day 10,000 people in the US turn 65. They may have plans for doing things, but most are without a paradigm for being content if they do not have the financial means or health to do them. Using humorous quotes, antidotes and illustrations throughout the text, the author draws from a variety of disciplines to present a DIY paradigm for contentment in one’s old age. In this book contentment is presented as a product of the kind of person you are rather than a bi-product of what you do or the circumstances you are in. This book deals with writing the rest of one’s life story from your age today, the end of one’s life story (facing death and beyond), and putting meaning to one’s life story. Regardless of the circumstances, your life can have meaning and end well by adopting this paradigm.

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Chalk - Making Disciples in Africa

Making Disciples in Africa: Engaging Syncretism in the African Church Through Philosophical Analysis of Worldviews

by Jack Chalk

The church in Africa is growing faster in sheer numbers than in any other place or time in the history of Christianity. With two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa professing to be Christian it should be a concern to all Christians that the biblical worldview has had little impact on the shaping of contemporary African culture. In this book Jack Chalk analyses the belief systems of the worldviews that are based on Christianity and African Traditional Religion. The analysis, conclusion and recommendations are presented with the view to helping the church in Africa deal with syncretism and the effect it has on the beliefs and practices of its members.

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Chalk - Living Right in a World of Woe

Living Right in a World of Woe

by Jack Chalk

Woe is inevitable when ungodliness is the law of the land. This book will help Christians live in an ungodly world that brings woe upon itself and woe upon Christians for not conforming to it. Helpful guidance is given for understanding this present world and how to overcome it by living like Jesus Christ.

Living right requires seeing the world in the right way from a biblical worldview. Living right in this world of woe requires knowing God’s will as He guides us through these perilous times. The history of the world is traced from the biblical origin of the world’s culture to how philosophy and science has lead the West away from God. A description of today’s Western culture that brings on the woe is presented. Finally, the Sermon on the Mount is used as a guide for being right and doing right in the home and in society as we live right in a world of woe.

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Carson - What Price the Truth

What Price the Truth

by Sandy Carson

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Brown - Three Finger

Three Finger: The Mordecai Brown Story

by Scott Brown

On October 8, 1908, Mordecai Brown clutched a half-dozen notes inside his coat pocket. The message of each was clear: We’ll kill you if you pitch and beat the Giants. A black handprint marked each note, the signature of the Italian Mafia.

Mordecai Brown—dubbed “Three Finger” because of a childhood farm injury—was the dominant pitcher for the great Chicago Cubs team of the early twentieth century, a team that from 1906 through 1910 was arguably the best in baseball history. Brown’s handicap enabled him to throw pitches with an unconventional movement that left batters bewildered—the curve ball that Ty Cobb once called “the most devastating” he had ever faced.

How Brown responded to the Mafia’s threats in 1908 mirrored the way he took life in general: with unflappable courage and resolve. Telling his story for the first time, Cindy Thomson and Scott Brown trail Mordecai from the Indiana countryside to the coal mines, from semipro ball to the Majors, from the World Series mound back down to the Minors. Along the way they retrieve the lost lore of one of baseball’s greatest pitchers—and chronicle one man’s determination to reach a dream that most believed was unreachable.

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Brown - Baseball in Pensacola

Baseball in Pensacola: America’s Pastime & the City of Five Flags

by Scott Brown

The Western Gate to the Sunshine State boasts an epic history of hardball, dating back nearly to the beginning of the sport. Sunshine, loyal fans and pristine beaches have attracted baseball’s best athletes to Pensacola–from stars like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams to the Blue Wahoos, modern-day affiliate for the Cincinnati Reds. The city is home to major-league teams during spring training, minor-league teams during the season and baseball fanatics year-round. Whether it’s following big-league icons or cheering high school future stars, Pensacola’s love affair with baseball runs deep. Team up with local author Scott Brown as he details the area’s greatest moments in America’s oldest pastime.

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Also available on DVD documentary:
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