Globe International’s Vision

Globe International was founded to equip and assist those who are gifted by God for cross-cultural ministry to fulfill their missionary call. God inspired Bob Bishop, Globe’s first Director, with these words: “To assist those who have a God-given vision to implement that vision.” Globe is known to be an empowering missionary sending agency that prioritizes getting missionaries to the field and helping them be successful in their work with as little encumbrances as possible.


Globe is committed to assisting the Body of Christ in fulfilling the Great Commission by training, sending, supporting, and overseeing missionaries on the foreign field. Globe offers several state-of-the-art training programs to help missionary candidates be better prepared to go, and more effective on the field. Our purpose is to help well-prepared missionaries carry the Gospel across cultural boundaries to unreached peoples, encourage them to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, and to draw disciples together into clusters of churches.


Further, it is the ultimate goal of Globe to plant indigenous churches and to empower them to multiply, serve their communities, and to eventually send out their own cross-cultural missionaries to other unreached peoples. Even Globe ministries that focus on humanitarian aid – orphanages, disaster relief, education, and development – are committed to empowering indigenous principals.

In order to facilitate the administration of many kinds of missionaries, Globe has four Missionary Categories. 1) Internship programs (IN) new missionaries who are exploring God’s calling through cross-cultural experience and service; 2) C2 Second carrier people who desire to serve God in missions in the next phase of their lives; 3) Commissioned Assignment (CO) are missionaries who have completed an Intern assignment of one to three years and are exploring a career call; 4) Career Assignment (CA) – missionaries with a proven call to a career in cross-cultural work.

Our Present Activities

Currently about 200 Globe missionaries are directly or indirectly involved in the following ministries in 35 countries:

• Evangelism (Mass, Personal, and Child)
• Planting National Churches
• Training National Church Leaders
• Bible and Literature Distribution
• Literacy Work
• Radio
• Alternate Technology
• Medical Campaigns/Crusades
• Dental and Medical Clinics
• Dental Campaigns/Crusades
• Disaster Rescue and Relief
• Christian Education
• Orphanages

Some Background

Globe International was founded in 1973 by Baptist Pastor Ken Sumrall who had a vision to train andsend an army of young people around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. J. Robert Bishop served as Globe’s first Director from 1976 to 2001. Doug Gehman first joined the Globe Leadership Team as Assistant Director in 1994. When Bob Bishop retired in 2001 he became Director, and then President of the organization in 2004. Globe’s Leadership Team is now comprised of experienced mission leaders who share many decades of cross-cultural missions service on multiple continents. Globe’s Board of Directors is comprised of pastors, businessmen, who mission executives who oversee the organization using a Policy Governance model.

Globe International has adopted the Lausanne Covenant (1973) Statement of Faith.

Believing that it is the responsibility of God’s people to use His resources carefully and with integrity, Globe International maintains membership with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Advantages of Globe

Globe serves as a spiritual covering and an administrative base for missionaries. Through accountability and oversight (prayer and intercession, counseling, and field visitation), missionaries have the assurance that they are not alone on the field. Globe serves missionaries by acting as a receiving agency for finances (including personal banking services, tax counsel, reports to contributors, and etc.), by regular communications with supporters, and by promoting missionary ministry through publications and multi-media presentations. Other practical services available to Globe missionaries are newsletter assistance, mail services, various personal services, and resources for a wide variety of missions related information.

Globe, an organization with a solid reputation for integrity, also provides missionaries with credibility. Globe has been a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability since 1986. Globe is also a member of AIMS (Association of International Missions Services) and the AFMA (Alliance For Missions Advancement).

Globe is committed to working with local churches and pastors in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. Globe exists to serve the local church and help churches send and oversee their missionaries. One of Globe’s slogans is…

“The Church Fulfilling the Great Commission”

As such, Globe functions as an arm of the church to help administrate the church’s missionary vision. Pastors and church leaders are encouraged to be involved in the ministries of Globe International and its missionaries, by regular contact with Globe staff and visits to the foreign field.


Globe International missionaries are people from every walk of life who have heard the call to obey the Great Commission. Applicants must have had a personal experience of salvation through Jesus Christ. Applicants must also be living a consistent Spirit-filled life, evidenced by their faith, their witness, and their obedience to God’s Word. Applicants must have obtained a “good report” from those within and outside the Body of Christ.

The applicant must have demonstrated initiative in evangelism and must be active in his/her local church. He/she should demonstrate a lifestyle of openness to the direction and work of the Holy Spirit. He/she should have a habit of tithing, as tithing builds within the individual the ability to believe God for personal and ministry support. This is important for Globe missionaries who are faith missionaries and must raise their own financial support. Each candidate should have minimal debt obligation.

Globe applicants should have a working knowledge of God’s Word. Bible College training or its equivalent is recommended but can be waived if the applicant has comparable qualifications or experience, or if the type of ministry in which he/she will be involved does not require teaching/preaching. Each applicant will be evaluated to determine if additional training is recommended. Information about Missions and Bible correspondence courses are available upon request.

The applicant and accompanying family members must be able to pass a physical examination and obtain medical clearance.

Newly married couples will be asked to allow for a period of marital adjustment before leaving for the field. Wives are expected to share their husbands’ call and participate in and be supportive of their husbands’ ministry on the field. The establishing of the home as the wife’s ministry is considered participation. Divorced and/or remarried persons are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Procedure for Joining

If you are interested in receiving a Policy Manual with in-depth information about Globe, please contact our headquarters. Topics included in the Policy Manual are “Introductory Information” (including a statement of purpose and a doctrinal statement), “Organizational Structure and Management,” “Advantages of Belonging to Globe,” “Guidelines for Becoming a Missionary,” “Financial Policies,” and “General Information.”

Interested applicants should also request a free application packet from our headquarters. A $25.00 fee for each applicant should be returned with each application. Applications are reviewed by the Director. After preliminary approval, applications are forwarded to the Globe Board. Occasionally applicants may be requested to visit Globe headquarters in Pensacola, Florida, for an interview with the Director, Assistant Director and the Board for final approval. Applicants are encouraged to visit our offices or make inquiries about Globe or their application process at any time. All information provided in the application is kept confidential.

Upon approval the Missionary Candidate will be given Missionary Category designation and field assignment. These will be done with reference to the candidate’s personal vision and calling to ministry. Budget requirements will be discussed and a preliminary budget proposed.

Candidates are required to attend a two-day Candidate Orientation and a week-long Missions School in Pensacola, Florida. Orientation is normally scheduled soon after the Board approval. Missions School is an annual event, usually schedule in early June. Candidates should be prepared to begin their pre-field preparation process outlined in the Globe Policy Manual during the first 120 days after Orientation. Under normal conditions candidates are allowed up to 24 months of itineration time to raise their support.

Come Visit Us!

Globe International’s International Headquarters is located in beautiful Pensacola, Florida. We welcome guests to visit us and tour our facilities at any time. If you are coming to Pensacola, give us a call!